How Kribbz Works

At Kribbz, we believe in a simplification of the home-selling process. We know just how important it is to buy and sell a home, and our aim is to reduce the friction and eliminate so many of the headaches associated with real estate transactions today. That's why we introduced our no-fee-to-sell guarantee. That means, as a seller, you'll pay no fees to sell your home on the Kribbz platform.


List your home on the Kribbz
platform by entering your address

The first step to selling your home on the kribbz platfrom is to fill out your address in the form above. If Kribbz is in your local marketplace, you'll be able to select a Kribbz-certified inspector on the next step.


Choose an inspection date and time and select your inspector

Select the date and time that you'd like a Kribbz-certified home inspector to come to your property for an inspection. You can choose a later date or you can select to have your property inspected right now.


Review your offer, accept and track sale securely online

With kribbz, everything happens online. The entire process allows you to sell your home fast, and track the transaction in real-time, all securely online, without the need of a real estate agent.


Sign up as an investor-buyer to view inventory

Gain access to exclusive off-market properties in the areas that interest you. Simply sign up to see the full inventory of exclusive properties available that suit your criteria in the areas you like.


Subscribe to make offers on properties

Subscribe to the platform and make offers on your desktop or through our mobile app. Bid only on the properties you love that you won't find listed on any other platform to secure your next home.


Track the purchase and sale entirely online

With Kribbz, you can track the entire purchase process online and in real-time. From digitally signing contracts to tracking escrow and payments, everything happens seamlessly through the cloud and Kribbz blockchain.

Kribbz makes buying & selling a home simple, easy and fun. It's the future of real estate in a blockchain, allowing you to discover properties you love or sell your existing ones through a powerful platform that gives you the ability to track anad manage the entire purchase process online.
Selling your home through Kribbz is free. Yes. We said f-r-e-e. Sellers pay absolutely zero fees to Kribbz aside from any fees associated with escrow or title. We don't take a commission from you, eliminating one of the biggest friction points in real estate.
Yes. You can. Even if your home is listed with a real estate agent, you can still offer it for sale through Kribbz. You'll still pay no fees to Kribbz to sell your home, but your agent will collect their agreed-upon commission from you.
To buy a home, you have to sign up and register for an account here. Once registered, you can preview properties for sale.
Yes. Kribbz pays for property inspections. When you list your home on Kribbz, you select a property inspector in your neightborhood. You can choose to inspect now or at a later date. The property inspector shows up to your home and does a complete inspection on the house. That's right, it's entirely free. You inpsection report is published, along with other detailed information, to our buyers who then actively send you offers for your home during a pre-defined bidding period.
Yes. You can send offers outside of bidding periods. You don't need a subscription to do so. If you're interested in a property, you can send an offer at anytime to the owner.
During bidding periods, we'll first present you with the highest-priced offer received for your property. You can easily send a counter-offer back to the buyer. They can either reject or accept your counter offer, or send you back another counter offer. However, you have final say.

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