Meet the Team that’s Changing the Way Properties Change Hands.

Our Mission - Empower People on the Move

We celebrate those looking to take the next, or a new step. And cater to an increasingly mobile population. One that is less anchored to a location or job, and more willing than ever to embrace change. In fact, we’re all about change. Changing the way homes are bought and sold. Fixing up the process to be less complex, time consuming, and stress inducing. Flipping the model on its head. At Kribbz, we are redefining real estate so that you can get to where you’re going faster.

Here to Support You Every Step of the Way


What is Kribbz?2019-09-23T02:41:31-07:00

Kribbz is a real estate marketplace that connects homesellers and investor-grade buyers. Kribbz in no way represents either party in any transaction, it simply facilitates 24-hour property offers by providing buyers with access to vetted properties in markets they care about while empowering sellers with a fee-free and hassle-free experience.

Is Kribbz an iBuyer?2019-09-23T02:41:50-07:00

Kribbz is not an iBuyer. We don’t own or seek to purchase properties. Kribbz simply facilitates 24-hour offer agreements between homesellers and investment-grade buyers.

In what cities does Kribbz operate?2019-09-23T02:42:07-07:00

Kribbz is a national (U.S.) marketplace, which means that buyers from anywhere in the U.S. can subscribe to bid on properties. In September, properties in the Phoenix area will be available for bidding. Kribbz will make properties available in additional markets over time.

Is the Kribbz site live now - can I get a preview?2019-09-23T02:43:05-07:00

Kribbz is launching in late September. The $1/month promotional offer is a pre-launch special. At launch, Kribbz will feature properties from the Phoenix area for bidding. Unfortunately, those properties cannot be previewed ahead of time.

What types of properties are listed on Kribbz?2019-09-23T02:42:52-07:00

We source off-market and motivated-seller properties so Kribbz subscribers (investors) are getting access to properties that will generally not be available through other channels or on the MLS. Also – while we will pursue properties that are most relevant to investors (both U.S. markets, and types of homes), we will not limit our inventory to properties that meet pre-defined “buy box” criteria.